Discover API and SOA Services in your Enterprise

Are you SURE you know what services cross your network? API Discovery Methods is a non-intrusive visibility server that finds and reports on API and SOA interactions, inside and outside of the enterprise network.

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API and Web Service Visibility

API Discovery Methods finds the web API and SOA messages on the enterprise network to expose vulnerabilities for the IT team. Whether “shadow IT” projects using cloud services, or older undocumented web services, API Discovery illustrates the messages and business transactions tied to APIs and web services. Passive monitoring, either in live production or safely offline, gives a definitive answer to the question “What impact are APIs having on my network?”.


  • Displays all RESTful API, SOAP and web service traffic
  • Identifies which external systems exchange data inside the enterprise
  • Tracks API initiated business transactions and system dependencies
  • Passive monitor, with no impacts on existing systems

Problems Solved

  • Determines if an API security or compliance problem exists
  • Quick answers without consultants or complexity
  • Hassle-free Web API visibility
  • Awareness of unauthorized use of cloud services
  • Illustrates hidden dependencies for web services

API Discovery screen example

Passive Monitoring Architecture

API Discovery Methods can be installed online on a live production network, or offline to analyze data samples captured from production.

Offline.  Capture API traffic using pre-configured filters and the Wireshark ™ open source packet analyzer from the production network. Then open the capture file with API Discovery on a separate system away from the production network, to analyze APIs and see results. API Discovery never touches the production network.

Online Real Time.  Install API Discovery with access to a “listener or SPAN port” op the live network, and see the API results in real-time as messages pass the network switch.  Analyze, archive and report on the results on a continuous basis.

Key Features

  • Discover RESTful API, JSON, SOAP, XML web services
  • Passive monitoring, online or offline
  • Identify services and users
  • Centralized view of all web service activity, internal and external
  • Track and report RESTful and SOAP business transactions
  • API Business process monitoring
  • API Service dependency mapping
  • API Message and transaction audit and archive
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Active  transaction testing
  • Capture and register API services for gateway functions using API Gateway Methods

Installation Requirements

  • As a Java application, API Discovery Methods can be installed on almost any Windows, Linux or UNIX system
  • Java version 6 (JRE 1.6) or higher
  • 4Gb memory
  • 500 Mb available disk
  • 1 core physical or virtual machines including VMware™ and Microsoft Hyper-V™
  • Permanent message storage requires SQL or NoSQL based repository
  • Separate download of Wireshark™ from

API Discovery Methods gives visibility to all API and web service traffic on the enterprise network.

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