Secure App Connections to the Cloud

Cloud Security Gateway secures the connection between your company and Cloud applications.   Acts as a reverse proxy to enforce security policies such as encryption, tokenization, access control. Cloud Security Gateway provides monitoring and reporting you need to meet your security/compliance needs.

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Cloud Access Security

ManagedMethods Cloud Security Gateway solves the security, control, policy and monitoring problems for enterprises with a growing use of Cloud services .   Available as an on-premise solution or as a cloud-based solution. Cloud Security Gateway can be installed, configured and used in matter of hours for specific SaaS applications you need to control. Currently support Salesforce, Box, DropBox and Evernote with many more SaaS applications coming soon.


  • Reverse proxy between end users and selected SaaS applications

  • Security policies: Tokenization, Encryption, Block Content, Monitor sensitive information, Location based policies, user based policies

  • Externalize security and compliance policies from specific application owners to security teams

  • Easy configuration and point and click install to support new applications

  • Extensible to add new policies according to your own organization needs

Problems Solved

  • Gives Security and IT teams proactive control over Cloud usage

  • Eliminate risk of storing sensitive data with SaaS applications

  • Apply policies irrespective of user’s access location or device ( on network, off network, mobile devices, personal devices etc)

  • Get deep visibility into selected SaaS application usage

  • Get alerted when a policy violation happens

Flexible Architecture Options

Proxy Gateway.  As a proxy destination, the gateway terminates all inbound and initiates new outbound connections.   For internal users and mobile clients, the Cloud Access Security Gateway funnels all traffic to and from the cloud, handling encryption and enforcing policy decisions.

Cloud Security Gateway lets you implement policies to control enterprise use of Cloud resources

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