Secure App Connections to the Cloud

Cloud Security Gateway secures the connection between your company and applications, services and partners in the Cloud.   A control point for enforcing usage and data policies, the Gateway is a Cloud Access Security Broker.  It functions as a control point between cloud apps and the enterprise data, putting essential access control, encryption, monitoring and compliance reporting into a single software solution.

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Configurable Cloud Access Security

Managed Methods Cloud Security Gateway solves the security, control, policy and monitoring problems for enterprises with a growing use of Cloud services and expanding business activity outside their traditional network.    Available for premise based or cloud installation, the software-only solution installs on Windows or Linux, virtual or physical machines and supports redundant and load-balanced configurations.   The most user-configurable system available, Cloud Security Gateway can be running in hours, tracking and enabling the desired external connectivity while restricting unauthorized data flows.


  • Proxies all communication with Cloud apps, ensuring only authorized data is exchanged with approved services
  • Utilizes Secure Assertion Markup Language (SAML) for validation of identities and services
  • Protects against malicious applications or attacks from cloud services
  • Offloads Cloud IaaS security, and authentication management from application teams

Problems Solved

  • Gives Security and IT teams proactive control over Cloud usage
  • Eliminates non-secure communications between apps in the cloud from enterprise assets
  • Speeds application development by handling complex security and authentication
  • Meets requirements for archive and compliance for messaging with non-secure external systems
  • Gives Security teams visibility by monitoring and alerting for changes in Cloud utilization

Flexible Architecture Options

Proxy Gateway.  As a proxy destination, the gateway terminates all inbound and initiates new outbound connections.   For internal users and mobile clients, the Cloud Access Security Gateway funnels all traffic to and from the cloud, handling encryption and enforcing policy decisions.

Key Features

  • Authentication and access control
  • Encryption and intrusion protection
  • Content filtering and directory based policies
  • Throttling and SLA enforcement
  • Archive and reporting using any SQL database
  • OAuth, SAML or custom authentication, including SSO integration
  • Secure Token Service (STS)
  • Automated report generation and alert notification

Installation Requirements

  • As a Java application, Managed Methods products can be installed on almost any Windows, Linux or UNIX system
  • Java version 6 (JRE 1.6) or higher
  • Single virtual core, premise or cloud
  • 4Gb memory
  • 500 Mb available disk
  • Physical or virtual machines including VMware™ and Microsoft Hyper-V™

Cloud Security Gateway lets you implement policies to control enterprise use of Cloud resources

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