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API usage has grown so fast that most companies don’t have current visibility into what messages and data are passing in and out across the network perimeter. IT departments are being asked to secure cloud API data flow, and Compliance Officers are required to document processes. But with no visibility to the data passing between the enterprise and cloud, they cannot even determine if a problem exists.

Managed Methods API Discovery Methods is designed to provide hassle-free, low impact visibility of the service usage both inside and crossing the enterprise perimeter.

Find Hidden API Applications

Discretely answer the question – “What API traffic exist on my enterprise network, coming from inside or outside?” When “shadow IT” projects begin dynamically provisioning cloud infrastructure, or unauthorized cloud data exchanges are initiated by business units, the API message trail can be the first indicator of trouble. Worse, if a department has exposed an internal data store via an unauthorized cloud service, API Discovery Methods will tell the story.

Document External Access to Internal Servers

Identify and track all external access to internal REST and SOA services to determine if security threats exist. This includes documenting the systems that access API services published by the enterprise, all the way down to maintaining a record of every transaction initiated by an outside entity.

Capture and Analyze ESB Data

Existing ESB systems play a central role in the enterprise architecture, but may offer limited visibility, analytics and insights into the API data flows. When IBM Websphere DataPower or other ESB systems are extended to Web APIs, a need arises to monitor and analyze the external traffic hitting the ESB, without making changes to the complex existing system.

Map API Based Business Transactions

Complex transactions using an enterprise service bus (ESB) architecture can utilize many layers of services internally, with each system having web service dependencies. Mapping the undocumented layers of these system dependencies, and showing how all the REST and SOA services interact is a key part of discovery.  API Discovery Methods follows the API transaction to give visibility to API impact on business processes.

Rapid, Hassle Free Answers

When an architect or IT manager needs visibility of web API data flows, reconfiguring networks and applications to allow data capture is not the answer. Hassle-free means that passive, risk-free systems can capture the required information, without making the project a complicated, multi-department issue. With API Discovery Methods , get your job done without making the project even more complex.

API Discovery Methods makes it easy to find and get visibility of API users and services in the enterprise

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