Customer Story | The City of Arvada Gains Security, Visibility & Control in Google Workspace

Municipal Government Gains Visibility and Control of Operational, Business, and Residential Data Shared in Google Workspace

Arvada is a suburb of Denver with a population of 115,000 and growing. The city’s vision is “We Dream Big and Deliver,” putting the city’s IT department front and center to support its more than 700 employees.


Arvada has experienced exponential growth in both population and business during the past decade. That growth drove the need for more efficient services from the city’s employees. To meet this need, some departments starting using cloud applications while others created in-house solutions. Some used server-based email while others used cloud-based. With this patchwork of applications in use, visibility and collaboration between departments were difficult and application security nearly impossible. So, the city transitioned to using Google Workspace throughout all departments, providing a common platform that increased productivity and efficiency.

Despite these benefits, the IT department still didn’t have visibility into the data being stored, shared, and accessed in Google Workspace leaving the city vulnerable to data breaches, malware, phishing schemes, data loss, and unauthorized access. Another challenge was complying with local, state, and federal data privacy regulations.


Arvada’s IT team deployed Cloud Monitor’s cloud application security platform to have visibility into and secure the data that is accessed, stored, and shared in Google Workspace. They chose Cloud Monitor because it was easy to set up and had no impact on their existing users and networks, and can easily scale as the city grows.

It offers both out-of-the-box and customizable policy monitoring features to cover the city’s compliance requirements. Cloud Monitor detects and sends alerts about risks, quarantines sensitive information, and remediates threats before they impact the city’s employees, residents, and businesses.minutes and without proxies or agents. Arvada’s IT team was quickly able to get visibility into how their data is stored, accessed, and shared, with no impact on network performance or user experience.

“When we launched Google Workspace we quickly saw the improvements in productivity and collaboration for the city’s staff. But the lack of security on all that data kept me up at night. With Cloud Monitor, I’m confident in the security of our shared data now and in the future.” — James, IT Security Specialist


  • Cloud Email Security – protect against advanced malware, phishing attacks, protect against data loss and enforce content and compliance rules
  • Cloud DLP and Policy Monitors – Out-of-the-box and customizable cloud DLP policy engine to monitor for sensitive information and enforce policies
  • Cloud Threat Protection – Surface risk in the form of anomalous user behavior and potential account compromise
  • Quick Time-to-Value – Rapid deployment via API and out-of-the-box policies to provide immediate visibility and control
  • Extensibility and Scalability – Secure multiple cloud environments and integrate with existing security technology investments

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