Customer Story | International Non-Profit Sporting Organization Secures Critical Athlete, Sponsor and Employee Data in Microsoft 365

A well-known sporting organization needed to secure stakeholder data stored, accessed and shared in Microsoft 365

A non-profit organization responsible for the training, entering and funding of U.S. teams in international athletic competitions, as well as overseeing the process by which U.S. cities bid to host these events recently made the transition from traditional Microsoft Office software to Microsoft 365 in the cloud. The organization’s staff is located throughout the US and in select global locations and leverages Microsoft 365 for collaboration and email. However, it’s IT team was challenged with keeping both its athlete and sponsor data secure while maintaining positive experiences for all.


The organization faced a number of cloud security challenges when they deployed Microsoft 365 and OneDrive. While these applications were great for productivity and collaboration, they also exposed the organization to new vulnerabilities including:

  • Risky employee email behavior that inadvertently unleashed phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks,
  • Misuse of the OneDrive including the storage or sharing of inappropriate images or sensitive information
  • Suspicious IP activity, employee logins, document access, and file sharing across the globe, especially from blacklisted regions.


The organization deployed Cloud Monitor’s cloud application security platform to gain critical visibility and control of all their Microsoft accounts. Cloud Monitor’s highly-customizable data loss prevention (DLP) policy engine and machine learning capabilities now provide visibility into hundreds of thousands of documents and images shared in the cloud containing potentially sensitive athlete, sponsor or employee data.

Another reason the organization chose Cloud Monitor is the quick implementation and out-of-the-box policies that tag objectionable content and PII. The platform deploys in minutes without proxies or agents, so the IT team was quickly able to get visibility into how their data is stored, accessed and shared, with no impact on existing networks or user experience.

“Very rarely will an employee maliciously jeopardize the organization’s security. It’s all the unintentional activity that keeps me awake at night. Cloud Monitor helps me protect our organization from cyber security threats – both external and internal.”   — Phillip, Network Security Manager


  • Cloud Email Security – protect against advanced malware, phishing attacks, protect against data loss and enforce content and compliance rules
  • Cloud DLP and Policy Monitors – Out-of-the-box highly-customizable cloud DLP policy engine to monitor for sensitive information and enforce policies
  • Cloud Threat Protection – Surface risk in the form of anomalous user behavior and potential account compromise
  • Quick Time-to-Value – Rapid deployment via API and out-of-the-box policies to provide immediate visibility and control
  • Extensibility and Scalability – Secure multiple cloud environments and integrate with existing security technology investments

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