In this episode of The K-12 Tech Experience, Jake Kasowski is joined by ManagedMethods colleagues David Waugh, ManagedMethods chief revenue officer, and Senior Account Executive, Michael Summer. The three discuss the latest report from ManagedMethods, What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You, based on a survey of district-level administrators by EdWeek Research Center, and the findings that came from it. Michael and David share their reactions to the results of the survey (02:51); Michael talks to the state of cybersecurity and data privacy in K-12 schools (07:40); David discusses why district IT administrators have not been keen to cloud security (09:44); Michael shares why district IT administrators are confident in the security of their data, despite not having cloud security platforms implemented (16:31); David talks to the lack of concern by district IT admins of data breaches and leaks in K-12 (19:58); Michael and David discuss the growing attention cyber safety is receiving, but the lack of concern among administrators overall (23:54); David and Michael talk about the lack of resources and budget school districts allocate to cybersecurity (28:59); David and Michael share what district administrators need to know about their Google and Microsoft cloud environments to be protected moving forward (34:35); Michael shares his thoughts on how his thinking on cybersecurity, safety, and privacy has changed–being a former technology director (39:31).

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