Cloud Discovery: An Easy Step toward Understanding Risk

(Boulder, Colorado – September 03, 2014) To help companies identify cloud security risks, ManagedMethods ( has released Cloud Service Discovery FREE, software to detect communication between applications in the enterprise and in the cloud. Designed for Security and IT professionals, Cloud Service Discovery FREE gives a quick and comprehensive view of the data exchanged with partner and cloud applications beyond the network firewall.

In addition to tracking “Shadow IT”, where individual workers utilize cloud applications, Cloud Service Discovery FREE illustrates the higher risk traffic that flows between business applications across an enterprise’s hybrid cloud. Whether responding to customer orders or requesting partner data, the biggest vulnerability for enterprise to cloud security is direct communications between applications.

ManagedMethods builds software to identify, analyze and secure the communications of the enterprise cloud. It focuses on Application Programming Interface (API) connectivity; the critical and fastest growing method of communicating in the cloud. ManagedMethods Discovery products offer the most in-depth analysis of cloud API traffic available. This new free offering is designed to provide a fast, low impact view of cloud activity. Completely passive, it runs on non-production systems, and does not require firewall changes.

Contact: ManagedMethods, Boulder, Colorado. 303.415.3640