Why A Google & Microsoft 365 Security Audit Needs To Be On Your Project List

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Learn Why A Google & Microsoft 365 Security Audit Needs To Be On Your Project List (And How To Do It)

Do you know what is going on in your district’s Google Workspace and/or Microsoft 365 domain? Are you sure!?

A security and safety audit can uncover common issues for K-12 schools, such as:

  • Students (and, yes, faculty and staff) using district accounts to sign up for social media, porn, shopping, and other highly inappropriate and risky apps
  • Phishing emails that have gotten through existing filters and protections
  • Credit card numbers and financial information sent via email
  • Email attachments containing social security numbers and other PII
  • Non-compliant document sharing, such as financial information and PII being shared via global link, as well as non-compliant internal sharing
  • Students using school shared drives to share movies, sexually explicit or violent images, and other types of inappropriate content
  • And much more

Ross Randall, Director of Technology at Lamar County School District, and Tony Schlorff, Director of Instructional Technology and Technology Services at Township High School District 214 will help you learn why a periodic audit of your Google and/or Microsoft 365 domain is critical for cybersecurity, student safety, and compliance.

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