Bridge the Cloud Gap with CASB + DLP

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Many companies think their existing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution takes care of their Shadow IT problem. But unfortunately, traditional network governance tools have a Shadow IT problem too. When data leaves the corporate network, all of the activity that takes place in the cloud can’t be monitored or controlled. But now with our CASB tool Cloud Access Monitor’s integration with Check Point’s DLP Software Blade, companies can efficiently and easily bridge the “Cloud Gap” in DLP. 

Benefits of integrating Check Point’s DLP with Cloud Security

  • Extend your Checkpoint DLP Software Blade investment. Most businesses have significant existing investments in their on-premise security, but since threats are constantly evolving, maintaining consistent security is difficult. Check Point’s DLP Software Blade is an incredible piece of engineering, and, when integrated with Cloud Access Monitor, goes one step further by closing the Cloud Gap. When businesses use this integrated solution, there’s no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Each tool is best-of-breed. The combination is a much stronger solution than tools that attempt to offer every function under the sun, yet none of them are very good.
  • Policies and controls on-premise and in the cloud. Implementing and enforcing policies on-premise and in the cloud are two very different tasks, but the goal is the same: control data consistently regardless of location. When organizations transition to using cloud apps, they often sacrifice some control in exchange for the benefits of productivity and collaboration. Cloud Access Monitor gives organizations the ability to make their policies apply to data on the network and in the cloud, so security standards don’t need to be compromised. Now you can have your cloud and eat it too.
  • Protect off-premise data. As I mentioned earlier, there is no need to lower security standards just to use cloud apps. Maintaining visibility and control is even more important with cloud apps, but many businesses fail to close the gap because it’s just too much work. Cloud Access Monitor monitors and controls cloud data just like everything else in your network. Security standards, policies, and governance can be just as strong, if not stronger, than when everything was stored conveniently in one place.

360° DLP

In a distributed work environment, protecting data in one location is like putting a lock on only one of your doors at home. Data loss prevention should be in place everywhere your data is used, shared and stored. With Cloud Access Monitor’s integration into Checkpoint DLP Software Blade, businesses can secure their data and rest assured that it’s always right where it’s supposed to be.


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