Cyberbullying Monitoring for K-12 School Districts

Detect Cyberbullying in School Google Workspace & Microsoft 365

Cyberbullying Leads To Mental, Social, and Physical Harm For Students

Over 70% of students have been bullied, with over 40% reporting that they’ve been bullied in the last 30 days. Bullying happens both online and offline. For victims, the digital and physical experiences converge into one existence of constant harassment. Victims of bullying often experience increased depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. With over 60% of bullying victims saying that being cyberbullied affects their ability to learn and feel safe in school, bullying can also lead to lower learning outcomes.

Students are spending more time learning, working, and communicating in school-provided technology. As they become more comfortable with this online space, they are also using it for personal communication. Tech and safety teams are increasingly detecting cyberbullying signals in shared documents, slide decks, chat apps, emails, and images. Many are putting technology and processes in place to monitor for cyberbullying and other toxic online behaviors to help victims and educate bullies.

Cyberbullying Monitoring Resources for K-12 IT & Safety Teams

“My ‘Aha!’ moment happened just a few days into becoming a Cloud Monitor customer. The platform’s inappropriate content monitor alerted me to a Google Doc that a dozen students were using to chat in. They were being quite clever by typing in white text and constantly changing the file name. Needless to say, the language was very inappropriate. I never would have been able to hunt this down without Cloud Monitor."

Diana Gill

“If you don’t have Cloud Monitor, you’re missing a big portion of the things that are happening in your district’s Google Workspace. I don’t know of any other company doing what Cloud Monitor can do. It’s well worth the cost."

Greg Alico

“The student safety component of Cloud Monitor paid for itself within a few weeks. We had a couple of incidents that we would not have caught had it not been for Cloud Monitor.”

Neal Richardson

Signals by ManagedMethods

uses artificial intelligence to monitor district Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 emails, files, shared drives, and chat apps to detect cyberbullying in both text and image content


Bullying happens both online and offline. For students, the digital and physical experiences converge into one existence of constant harassment that follows them everywhere. Districts are required to monitor school-provided online technology for student safety risks—including cyberbullying.

  • Deep, 1:1 API integrations monitor district Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 accounts 24/7/365 without the need to collect or store any personalized student data
  • Signals uses artificial intelligence to detect toxic, cyberbullying content and alert school administrators
  • Cloud Monitor takes student data privacy seriously. We are FERPA, COPPA, and CSPC certified by iKeepSafe. We are also members of the A4L Student Data Privacy Consortium and a signatory of the Student Data Privacy Pledge


When it comes to keeping students safe and educating children on the impacts of cyberbullying, time is of the essence. Signals sends alerts to designated administrators in near real-time. Notifications include all the information needed to understand the incident, allowing for quick response to cyberbullying incidents.

  • API integrations and artificial intelligence allow Signals to detect cyberbullying content and alert administrators in near real time
  • Confidently delegate alerts to the proper resources using customizable role-based notifications
  • Signals notifications provide administrators with detailed incident information, including the document owner, contributors, text history, sharing history, and more


School officials, parents, and students are concerned about school cyber safety programs and their impact on student data privacy and surveillance. Student data privacy is central to everything we do. Signals doesn’t collect or store any personalized student information, nor does it build profiles on student activity.

  • FERPA, COPPA, and CSPC compliant
  • Monitors district-owned Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 accounts only
  • Identify when data is being improperly emailed or shared
  • No human “agents” reviewing student activity online

Bremerton School District Case Study

“We have GoGuardian to manage students on a browser level. But it’s not even in the same ballpark as Cloud Monitor. Cloud Monitor is the forensics tool that I use to get Google Workspace information our campus safety team needs to properly follow up with potential issues and incidents. ManagedMethods is an invaluable tool for keeping our Google environment and, to a degree, our campus a safe place for students to thrive.”

Trusted Partners in Student Data Privacy

Cloud Monitor is the leading provider of Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 data security and cyber safety for K-12 school districts. We are committed to keeping district and student data private and secure

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