OAuth EdTech Security Made Easy for School Districts

Are Risky EdTech Apps Opening A Backdoor To Sensitive District Data?

Access Management

for OAuth EdTech Security

Cloud Monitor uses public APIs to provide the most effective OAuth EdTech security available to school district IT teams. With Cloud Monitor, you can detect unsanctioned and/or risky SaaS applications that have been granted OAuth access to district Google Workspace and/or Microsoft 365 accounts.

Cloud Monitor automatically scans OAuth permissions granted to SaaS apps 24/7, assigns a risk score, and allows admins to set up automatic remediation based on customizable rules. OAuth EdTech SaaS risk scores in Cloud Monitor are based on

  • The scope of required admin privileges
  • Whether or not the app is already sanctioned in your environment
  • If the app has write permissions
  • If the app is sanctioned in other Cloud Monitor user environments

Threat Protection

for OAuth EdTech Security

Students, faculty, and staff are using SaaS in nearly every area of the classroom experience and administrative business. This trend is making phishing and malware threat protection nearly impossible for district IT teams, who are responsible for managing and securing an unprecedented number of devices, operating systems, software, and SaaS applications. Many SaaS apps created for the education market have serious infrastructure stability and security issues, while some are outright malicious.

Cloud Monitor provides school district IT teams with automated OAuth EdTech security controls. The platform allows system admins to quickly and easily see what apps have access to their Google Workspace and/or Microsoft 365 accounts, determine their risk profile, and either sanction, unsanction, or revoke access from the application with a simple click of a button.

Account Monitoring

for OAuth EdTech Security

See exactly what SaaS applications that have been granted OAuth access to your district's Google and/or Microsoft 365 environment. Using Cloud Monitor, your IT team can quickly discover OAuth EdTech SaaS:

  • Risk Score
  • Category
  • Who Is Using Them
  • Access Levels
  • and more!

Learn More About OAuth EdTech Security With Cloud Monitor

Learn how school districts can protect the sensitive information stored in Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 by monitoring for risky and malicious EdTech SaaS


“When I first learned about Cloud Monitor I was skeptical that such an inexpensive solution would be able to secure our Google Workspace data better than Cloudlock. However, after our first week using the solution, I was more than convinced. Cloud Monitor has been one of the best technology decisions I’ve made this year.”

Ed Newman

“The addition of Cloud Monitor to our IT infrastructure allows me and my team to feel confident about protecting our students and staff when using Google Workspace. The dashboard and alerts provide me real-time info so that I can take immediate action to thwart any threats.”

Steve Bartlett

“Cloud Monitor provided us a level of visibility we needed to ensure the security and safety of our students and staff. The solution was quick to deploy and gave us immediate insights.”

Tim Miles


EdTech SaaS Security Risk Score

The SaaS Risk Score in Cloud Monitor is a calculated score that helps district IT managers quickly assess whether action needs to be taken for security purposes. The SaaS Risk Score is calculated based on

  • Level of administrative privileges
  • Whether or not the application is sanctioned in your environment
  • If the application has write permission
  • If the application is sanctioned or unsanctioned in other Cloud Monitor accounts

OAuth EdTech Security Controls

ManagedMethods allows district IT managers to quickly manage and control sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS applications in their G Suite and Microsoft 365 environments. With just a couple of clicks, you can

  • Remove an application
  • Send a warning to the user to remove the application
  • Sanction or unsanction the an application

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