Microsoft 365 for Education Data Security & Student Safety

Visibility & Control Over Your School District's Microsoft 365

Data Security

Microsoft 365 for Education

Microsoft 365 is a powerful productivity and collaboration tool that is not without its data security faults. When school districts move from traditional, software-based Microsoft Office to cloud-based Microsoft 365, many IT managers don’t realize they have lost critical security functionality.

Cloud Monitor closes the data security gap that network security with Microsoft 365 creates by

  • Securing sensitive student, staff and parent/guardian data in-transit and at-rest
  • Identifying and fixing data security risks in Microsoft 365, as well as other SaaS applications before an incident occurs
  • Detect Microsoft 365 data breaches, then quickly identify the source and impact

Threat Protection

Microsoft 365 for Education

Phishing, malware, and ransomware threats don’t just attack school districts through email. If your district uses Microsoft 365, your threat protection solution must be able to control threats in OneDrive and SharePoint as well.

Cloud Monitor protects your district's entire Microsoft 365 environment by

  • Stopping breach attempts in all Microsoft 365 applications, including Outlook 365, Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint
  • Detecting and managing unsanctioned EdTech SaaS applications with risky access permissions
  • Leveraging the security power of Cylance, WatchGuard, and more at a fraction of retail cost

Account Monitoring

Microsoft 365 for Education

Unusual activity in a Microsoft 365 account can indicate an account takeover or bad intentions of an employee. Gain the visibility and control over Microsoft 365 for Education account activity to determine the need for action, protect sensitive data and information systems, and automate remediation responses.

Cloud Monitor makes Microsoft 365 for Education account monitoring easy by

  • Monitoring login locations, file sharing, download activity, and more 24/7
  • Providing customizable rules and policies that automate account activity control
  • Automating compliance notifications and risk reporting

Free Microsoft 365 for Education Security Guide

Learn how Cloud Monitor protects your school district's Outlook 365, Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and files from data breaches, phishing and malware threats, account takeovers, and internal user abuse


“When I first learned about Cloud Monitor I was skeptical that such an inexpensive solution would be able to secure our Google Workspace data better than Cloudlock. However, after our first week using the solution, I was more than convinced. Cloud Monitor has been one of the best technology decisions I’ve made this year.”

Ed Newman

“The addition of Cloud Monitor to our IT infrastructure allows me and my team to feel confident about protecting our students and staff when using Google Workspace. The dashboard and alerts provide me real-time info so that I can take immediate action to thwart any threats.”

Steve Bartlett

“Cloud Monitor solution provided us a level of visibility we needed to ensure the security and safety of our students and staff. The solution was quick to deploy and gave us immediate insights.”

Tim Miles


Outlook 365 Cloud Security

Gain an additional layer of Outlook 365 security without expensive Microsoft license upgrades. Cloud Monitor provides an easy-to-use platform that uses the security power of top threat protection technology. Automatically scan email domains, attachments, and content in the subject and body of all emails for potential threats and data loss prevention policy violations.

Using Cloud Monitor, district IT teams can quickly quarantine, analyze, and delete files before they become a problem.

OneDrive Cloud Security

OneDrive is a powerful file storing, backup, and collaboration tool. It allows students, faculty, and administrative staff to access and save files from anywhere to improve productivity and learning experiences. But storing data in the cloud doesn’t come without security risks.

Perimeter and network security do not protect data stored in the cloud, and Microsoft’s native cloud security only goes so far before requiring expensive upgrades. Without OneDrive security, data breaches result in unfettered access to sensitive information, such as student social security numbers, staff W2s, school payment information, and more.

ManagedMethods protects your data from both external threats and internal user data breaches. Using advanced cloud security technology, ManagedMethods scans for files containing malware threats, blocks suspicious login attempts, and flags unusual account behavior.

SharePoint Cloud Security

SharePoint was added to Office 365 for Education as a powerful platform for better team access and collaboration, for students as well as faculty and staff. But improved access can also result in decreased data security and complex access management.

ManagedMethods provides Office 365 for Education system administrators with critical insights into what files and folders contain sensitive information. IT teams can also see who has accessed the file, how many times it has been downloaded, and more. All from one easy-to-use platform.

control of your school district’s SharePoint cloud security with ManagedMethods

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