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Cloud Monitor makes Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 cloud security and safety easy for K-12 schools—no proxy, no agent, no extension, and no special training required

Why Your Peers Love Cloud Monitor

ManagedMethods K12 Customer Testimonial Gadsden School District

“Google Workspace has its own scanning system, but it runs in the background and it’s not reported very well. We couldn’t see our overall status or what was happening in our domain. We definitely couldn’t see any attacks coming in or how our users were acting online. With Cloud Monitor, we can catch and remediate cybersecurity issues quickly. There’s no way our small team could stay on top of it all while also supporting our students, faculty, and staff.”

Stephen Gauss
Network Administrator
Gadsden County Public Schools

ManagedMethods K12 Customer Testimonial Arbor Park School District

“Cloud Monitor is proactive and easy to use, compared to Microsoft’s native tools that are more reactive. It's like having an additional employee on my team. We used to have to investigate an issue that we already knew about, and had to try to find information related to the problem. Now, Cloud Monitor gives us a heads-up that something is happening so we can get ahead of it before it’s a problem.”

David Termunde
Chief Technology Officer
Arbor Park School District 145

ManagedMethods K12 Customer Testimonial Bremerton School District

“We have GoGuardian to manage students on a browser level. But it’s not even in the same ballpark as Cloud Monitor. Cloud Monitor is the forensics tool that I use to get Google Workspace information our campus safety team needs to properly follow up with potential issues and incidents. Cloud Monitor is an invaluable tool for keeping our Google environment and, to a degree, our campus a safe place for students to thrive. Having this level of visibility and control is a huge benefit.”

Justin Feltus
System Specialist
Bremerton School District

How It Works

Cloud Monitor uses API integrations with popular cloud applications, such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, to monitor and control your district’s domains without the need for appliances, extensions, proxies, agents, or gateways.

Cloud Monitor provides districts with lightning fast automation and continuous visibility and control. Districts around the world use Cloud Monitor to make cybersecurity and student safety management easy.

Problems Cloud Monitor Solves

Control 3rd Party Apps

Cloud Monitor automatically scans OAuth permissions granted to 3rd party apps 24/7, assigns a risk score, and allows admins to set up automatic remediation based on customizable rules. 3rd party app risk scores in Cloud Monitor are based on:
  • The scope of required admin privileges
  • If the app has write permissions
  • Whether or not the app is already sanctioned in your environment
  • If the app is sanctioned in other Cloud Monitor user environments
Cloud Monitor Preview Image 3rd Party Apps
Cloud Monitor Preview Image Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention

Student and staff information stored in school information systems are lucrative targets for cybercriminals. At the same time, the most common cause of school data incidents is a simple accidental exposure. District IT teams must be able to manage access to sensitive information stored in Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 not only to comply with state and federal regulations but also to protect students and staff.
  • Detect anomalous events that indicate unauthorized access to data
  • Identify when data is being improperly emailed or shared
  • Automate data loss prevention to protect social security numbers, W2s, payment and health information, and more
  • Continuously monitor behavior in Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 and automatically mitigate data security risks


Phishing is still the #1 threat vector used by criminals to gain access to school user accounts. At the same time, schools are experiencing a sharp increase in malware—including ransomware—attacks. If your district uses Google Workspace and/or Microsoft 365, external threats can gain access to student and staff information through email, file sharing, and risky 3rd party apps.
  • Scan internal & external emails for phishing and malware threats in the message body, attachments, and links
  • Automatically quarantine or delete emails and shared files containing phishing and malware links
  • Identify risky 3rd party applications connected to district Google and Microsoft accounts through OAuth
Cloud Monitor Preview Image Phishing and Malware
Cloud Monitor Preview Image Account Takeovers

Prevent Account Takeovers

Phishing and malware attacks can lead to your accounts being hijacked. An account takeover is notoriously difficult to detect in cloud applications and can lead to additional cyber risks and data exposure.
  • Protect district Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 from an account takeover with advanced phishing and malware threat protection build for the cloud
  • Easily detect behavior that indicates an account takeover attack is underway, such as multiple unsuccessful logins, logins from foreign locations, and failed multifactor authentication checks
  • Automatically detect and remediate successful account takeovers using highly customizable policy enforcements

Student Safety Signals

Signals by ManagedMethods uses artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor district Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 emails, files, drives & shared drives, and chat apps to detect red flags in text and image content.
  • Deep, 1:1 API integrations monitor district Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 accounts 24/7/365 without the need to collect or store any personalized data
  • Signals uses AI to detect self-harm, cyberbullying, threatening, and explicit content and alert school administrators
  • Detailed incident information, including the document owner, contributors, text history, sharing history, and more
Cloud Monitor Preview Image Student Safety Risks

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