Customer Story | Transwest Secures Sensitive Data Stored in G Suite

Security and Control of Google G Suite Activity Provides Visibility and Data Loss Prevention

Transwest is one of the fastest-growing transportation specialists in the United States. The company offers premium retail and fleet sales, parts and service with applications in every industry, including light, medium, and heavy-duty truck sales, and specialty vehicle sales of school buses, fire trucks, and recreational vehicles.

Fueling Transwest’s rapid growth, the company’s IT group transitioned from legacy applications and an on-premise document server to Google G Suite for seamless data sharing and to empower its 900+ employees to provide the best experience for Transwest’s customers.


After deploying Google G Suite, Transwest’s IT administrators lost visibility into email content and how documents were being shared and with whom. G Suite’s standard security features offered no way to audit or control document access and sharing in the cloud. This created potential data loss situations where price lists, customer lists, and sensitive PCI and PII information could be easily shared with either an employee’s personal Google accounts or individuals outside of the corporate domain. Plus there were concerns over misuse of corporate Google Drive space for personal use.

This lack of visibility created potential business and legal liabilities. Transwest needed a solution to mitigate risk, but not at the expense of application and network performance or customer experience.

“The nature of our business requires employees to be able to access data and documents from anywhere and from any type of device. Keeping our data secured from outside the protection of our corporate network infrastructure was a significant challenge. Cloud Monitor delivered the visibility and control we needed to secure our data in the cloud.” — Adam Richter, Information Technology Manager


Cloud Monitor’s highly-customizable data loss prevention (DLP) policy engine and machine learning capabilities now provide visibility into the more than 200,000 documents and images shared in the cloud containing potentially sensitive corporate and customer data.

Another reason that Transwest chose Cloud Monitor is the quick implementation and out-of-the-box policies that tag objectionable content and PII. The platform deploys in minutes without proxies or agents. Onboarding with Cloud Monitor meant that the Transwest IT team was quickly able to get visibility into how their data is stored, accessed and shared in G Suite, with no impact on existing networks or user experience. “Now our IT team can focus on launching solutions that support our rapidly-expanding business instead of constantly worrying about the risks of cloud app use.”


  • Policies Monitors – Out-of-the-box value in the form of specific policies, such as objectionable content
  • Cloud DLP – Highly-customizable cloud DLP policy engine to monitor for sensitive information.
  • Cloud Threat Protection – Surface risk in the form of anomalous user behavior and potential account compromise.
  • Quick Time-to-Value – Rapid deployment via API and out-of-the-box policies to provide immediate visibility and control.
  • Extensibility and Scalability – Secure multiple cloud environments and integrate with existing security technology investments

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