Education Dive | Where does school cybersecurity stand in a year disrupted by coronavirus?

by Roger Riddell, Education Dive

Despite a shift in the types of incidents reported, experts suggest devices could be compromised and “waiting” to be reconnected to school networks in fall.

Cybersecurity in K-12 is ultimately more than a student data privacy concern, additionally encompassing employee and staff data. Ransomware attacks targeting any of this data, for example, can scam districts out of hundreds of thousands, or even millions, in funds.

In a Thursday afternoon webinar hosted by K-12 cloud security firm ManagedMethods, moderated by Jake Kasowski and Katie Fritchen, district IT professionals discussed the state of K-12 cybersecurity and student data privacy in a school year disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.


K12 Cybersecurity Student Data Privacy Webinar -- Blog-CTA-XXL



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