eSchool News | FETC 2020 Recap: STEM, Safety, and Students Take Center Stage

by Eileen Belastock, eSchool News

Student engagement and empowerment were evident at FETC 2020 in Miami, FL. Topics ran the gamut from the latest tech tools and personalized learning strategies to funding, supporting, and sustaining district technology initiatives.

Student safety and student data privacy were on the mind of every CTO, IT professional, and district administrator at FETC 2020

cyber safety and student data privacy ManagedMethods approach

Sessions including “What Every District Leader Needs to Know about Cyber Security,” and “Cyber Security Measures and Assessments” highlighted critical strategies that every district should implement to combat cyber-attacks. The “How to Find Technology That Improves School Safety” panel focused on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to safety solutions.

Software companies such as Impero, Securly, Gaggle, GoGuardian, Mimecast, and ManagedMethods offered district tech leaders optimal student safety options ranging from protecting student data to protect students from self-harm, inappropriate content, and potential violence…




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