In the News | eSchool News: 5 Network Security Tools Every School Tech Director Should Use

This article was originally published in eSchool News on October 26, 2022 by Charlie Sander, CEO, ManagedMethods

In order to optimize their school and district’s network security, school tech leaders should use tools and resources strategically

“Defense-in-depth” is an important concept in cybersecurity that advocates for a multi-layered approach to protect, detect, and respond to risks. This combination of tools should provide the framework for an IT director at a school to protect all relevant stakeholders. But having a strategy about how to use them is also vital.

Schools must have replacement cycles so, when security technology and network equipment expires, the updates are planned for in advance and have funding allocated. Lastly, benchmarks and goals for these systems give staff a great overview. For example, built-in dashboards can provide metrics that inform tech admins as to whether incidents are spiking, the types of incidents that are occurring, or whether they need to try a different set of tools…


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