In the News | The Effectiveness of Cybersecurity Awareness Programs in Schools

This article was originally published in The Learning Counsel on 7.31.23 by Charlie Sander, CEO at ManagedMethods.

Cybersecurity awareness is paramount in an increasingly digital world, especially in K-12 education

Cyber threats pose significant risks to schools, making it essential to measure the effectiveness of cybersecurity awareness programs.

Schools have a crucial responsibility in promoting and educating students about online safety. Teachers have now inadvertently taken on the role of online safety tutors, facing the challenging task of addressing issues such as combating false and misleading information and fostering young people’s awareness of the broader impacts and risks associated with media.

This piece explores the key aspects of measuring such programs in K-12 schools, including developing healthy skepticism, measuring knowledge and comprehension, assessing attitudes, and defining standards for success. By understanding these factors, schools can enhance their cybersecurity education efforts, protect their systems, and equip students, faculty, and staff with the necessary skills to navigate the digital landscape securely…


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