In the News | Why Cybersecurity Threats on Schools Have Become More Frequent in the Past Five Years?

This podcast was originally published in Redefining Society Podcast on 3/10/23  by Marco Ciappelli

Understaffed and Underfunded: Schools are an Easy Target for Hackers

In this episode of Redefining Society, the conversation centers around how cybersecurity is affecting education and schools. The podcast starts with an introduction by Marco Ciappelli, who sets the stage for the conversation about how technology is affecting society, and specifically, education. He highlights how cultural changes are driving technological changes, and how education is an important part of our society.

David Waugh, the Chief Revenue Officer of ManagedMethods, a cybersecurity company dedicated to K-12 educational organizations, then introduces himself and why he is passionate about the topic. David discusses how schools are under threat from cyber attacks, which have become more frequent in the past five years. He explains that schools are a target because of the sensitive personal information of students and staff that can be stolen and sold on the dark web. In addition, schools are understaffed and underfunded when it comes to cybersecurity, making them an easy target for hackers…

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