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This article was originally published on Spiceworks on 3.6.24 by Charlie Sander, CEO at ManagedMethods.

Discover AI’s role in cybersecurity: threat detection, post-incident analysis, and cost-effective data protection.

When it comes to cyberattacks, organizations of all types and sizes need to ditch the idea of “It won’t happen to us.” The Trellix 2024 Threat Predictions report highlights that detecting and identifying threats and advanced security tools are becoming more challenging for victims. But why is this happening?

Ransomware gangs are getting smarter, and AI helps cybercriminals effortlessly find the personal information needed for phishing emails and then start password-based attacks.

And the stakes couldn’t be higher: Failing to protect sensitive data can lead to reputational harm and significant financial losses. Steve Morgan, Editor-in-Chief of Cybercrime Magazine, predicts that the toll of cyberattacks on the global economy will rise to over $10.5 trillion by 2025.

Cybercriminals use AI for password cracking, a traditionally relatively low-sophistication technique in which they guess passwords. They’re also using it to write better and more personalized phishing emails, making it more likely that the recipient will click on the link and do what the criminal wants.

A common use case is similar to how developers use AI to help write code more effectively. Ransomware criminals, in particular, are using AI’s often superior coding abilities to write malware much faster, which will make it more difficult for defense technologies to keep up with evolving threats.

It is not all doom and gloom, though: AI can solve these problems, helping security teams protect valuable information and their reputation while positively impacting their financial health. According to the Cost of a Data Breach 2023 global survey report, AI helps businesses save approximately $1.8 million in data breach costs. Now is the time to dive deeper into how.

How AI Helps Organizations Fight Against Cybercrime

AI can enable technology and security teams to add another layer of security in several ways. For starters, it acts as a brain that can fast monitor and consume information. Then, it analyzes patterns and identifies anomalies…


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