Despite extensive use of annoyingly long formatted paper and manilla folders, the technologies that came after Gutenberg are crucial in most legal workflows. According to the Business of Law Blog, legal is often ahead of other industries in tech adoption:

  • 34% of lawyers use tablets in the courtroom
  • 78% believe training a firm on technology is important
  • 50% one year increase in cloud services users
  • 40% solos use cloud services; 30% of all lawyers
  • 58% use Dropbox

At least 50% of lawyers use cloud apps on a daily basis, and they aren’t naive about the security implications. According to a recent survey by Concilio, lawyers ranked what they perceived to be as the 3 biggest cloud security risks:

  1. Inadvertent disclosure of sensitive data
  2. Theft of intellectual property
  3. Regulatory compliance failures

As a result of these perceived security risks, 98% of those surveyed expressed concern regarding cloud app use. Sometimes, these aren’t just perceived risks. Lawyers are on the frontlines when sensitive data leaks, intellectual property is stolen, and businesses are noncompliant.

Cloud Security for Legal Pros

As lawyers become more dependent on the cloud for their cases, increasing amounts of sensitive information will pass between the office and data centers around the world. Cloud monitoring ensures sensitive information isn’t shared, abnormal behaviors are detected, and any other risks are monitored.

Legal professionals are experts at shedding light in dark spaces, and they don’t treat technology much different than they would any case. Lawyers want to know their risks and they want to address them. Yet, most cloud security solutions are out of reach. The problem with most cloud security solutions is that they were designed with massive infrastructure, large budget enterprises market in mind. The costs are too high and implementation is too involved.

Lawyers are often on the leading edge of technology adoption. Cloud Access Monitor makes sure they aren’t taking unnecessary risks to be on the cutting edge of tech. Cloud Access Monitor is the only cloud security solution that was made to fit the needs and budgets of SMBs and law firms.