ManagedMethods’ Cloud Access Monitor Receives Blue Coat Encrypted Traffic Management Ready Certification

Cloud Access Security Solution Validated to Improve visibility into SSL Encrypted Traffic, exposing the potential risks and vulnerabilities presented when cloud apps are using encrypted traffic streams.

(Boulder, Colorado – Oct 8, 2015) ManagedMethods, a provider of cloud access security software announced that the company’s Cloud Access Monitor product has received Blue Coat’s Encrypted Traffic Management (ETM) Ready designation. Specifically, ManagedMethods’ Cloud Access Monitor has been certified with Blue Coat’s SSL Visibility Appliance to provide IT security groups with visibility and insight into all encrypted traffic and cloud application usage.

“ManagedMethods is pleased to join Blue Coat’s ETM Ready Certification Program. With the increasing prevalence of enterprise-wide cloud applications and services (SaaS), it is imperative that IT security organizations gain visibility into usage,” said Charlie Sander, Chairman and CEO at ManagedMethods. “The combination of Blue Coat’s encrypted traffic management appliances and ManagedMethods’ Cloud Access Monitor product provides customers with a potent new weapon in the fight against Shadow IT. This is crucial today as more SaaS applications use SSL and encrypted traffic that creates blind spots that traditional security measures cannot inspect. ”

Companies today are dealing with a whole different cloud environment compared to just a few years ago. It’s no secret that cloud application (SaaS) usage is on the rise. SaaS applications are now available for core business functions throughout the enterprise. The use of both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud applications has created an intensified risk of internal/external data leaks, malware attacks from suspicious cloud providers and the problematic visibility and security issues of “Shadow IT” spinning out of control.

To amplify the problem, many current security solutions cannot see or manage SSL encrypted traffic. SSL encrypted traffic is pervasive in organizations around the world, representing 35% of all enterprise network traffic today. With a 20% annual growth rate, SSL encrypted traffic presents a blind spot in organizations, and you can’t control what you can’t see.

“We are excited to have Managed Methods join the Blue Coat ETM Ready program” said Peter Doggart, Vice President of Business Development, “by certifying the Cloud Access Monitor product with the Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance, ManagedMethods can now offer a compelling solution to discover, monitor and control usage of cloud applications by eliminating encrypted traffic blind spots.”

The Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance and ManagedMethods Cloud Access Monitor are integral components to an organization’s encrypted management strategy.

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