Cloud Monitor Automation Thwarts Phishing & Malware Emails

We recently hosted Michael Tapia, Chief Technology Director at Clint ISD in Texas, and Kobe Brummet, Cybersecurity Technician at Hawkins School District in Tennessee, for a live webinar.

Michael and Kobe volunteered to share with other K-12 tech pros how important cybersecurity and safety monitoring are for Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and online browsing.

They also shared several use cases of how they specifically use ManagedMethods’ Cloud Monitor platform to help with automation. Last week, we highlighted how Cloud Monitor has improved K-12 cybersecurity training and awareness at Clint ISD. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks! You can watch the full webinar recording here.

Phishing is the #1 threat vector criminals use to gain access to school user accounts. At the same time, schools are experiencing increased malware—including ransomware—attacks. These attacks prey on the end users’ emotions and have become increasingly difficult to spot as threat actors strategically choose when to target school districts.

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Kobe Brummet shared his experience with a common phishing scam where a hacker impersonates a principal and asks for school fundraising donations. To tackle this, his team added automated keyword rules such as “gift card,” “crypto,” and “bitcoin” to Cloud Monitor.

Now, they are instantly alerted when any email containing these words enters Hawkins’s domain. Brummet further explained that they no longer worry about this type of scam since implementing keyword automation.

“A hacker impersonating a school principal is a common scam. We automated keyword rules to pick up on anything that says ‘gift card’, ‘crypto’, or ‘bitcoin’. Cloud Monitor instantly catches these and sends us an alert so we can take care of these threats instantly. We’ve had this issue arise many times before, and after implementing Cloud Monitor, this isn’t even a threat anymore.”
—Kobe Brummet, Cybersecurity Technician, Hawkins School District

We want to give a special “Thank You” to Michael and Kobe for sharing their time and expertise. Their valuable insights into how other district technology teams can improve cybersecurity and student safety in Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 will no doubt help many other districts secure their data and keep students safe online.

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