Are My Students Using School Accounts On OnlyFans? Probably.

Think You Have OnlyFans And Other Explicit Apps Blocked? So Did These Districts.

One of the things that our customers love about ManagedMethods is our incredible customer success team. They’re not the type to just pop up once a year when renewal is coming around. They’re proactively reaching out to help improve platform configurations and make adjustments based on new information and emerging trends they’re hearing in the news and/or from other customers. Presently, they’re helping district admins audit 3rd-party apps in their Google/Microsoft domains. And the results have been a bit shocking.

This is a story from the frontline…

“This week, product specialists assisted several of our customers with an app security audit/risk assessment call.

The main focus of these calls is to drill into the app categories that will usually have the most risks. These categories can include VPN, Games, Dating, Entertainment, Social, and Explicit. The alarming trend we are seeing is the large number of explicit apps being authenticated with student accounts.

During these calls almost 100% of the customers we audited found apps like OnlyFans, Chaturbate & Omegle linked to student accounts. The school district may have these sites blocked on devices or their networks using content filters and firewalls, but that’s not stopping students from using other devices or connections to sign in using their school-assigned account.

This is eye-opening to our customers and potential customers. They think they have things under control and then see that, in fact, things are not as secure as they think they are. Once again this shows the value and importance of the ManagedMethods product in K12 when it comes to student safety.”


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