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Major UI Changes To ManagedMethods’ Cloud Monitor Platform

The product team at ManagedMethods has been working hard to provide a new way of managing information in customers’ Cloud Monitor domains. Previously, many of our customers have used “tile splits” to split their environment into multiple manageable buckets by Organizational Units (OU) or security groups. Tile splits are most commonly performed in districts where a student safety team needs access to student data in Cloud Monitor relevant to them, but has other applications as well.

Desktop - Cloud Monitor - Consolidated View

The problem was that tile splits resulted in the loss of the ability to search your entire domain at once. Our new Consolidated View user interface was developed to eliminate this pain point.

With the new Consolidated View Home page in Cloud Monitor, we’ve added a new concept to the platform: Global and Filtered Views.

For current customers using a tile split, this will come as a welcome addition! Allowing you to granularity control staff vs. student tiles (a filtered view of your domain) while still having the ability to search and take action on the entire domain for events (a global or complete view of your domain).

To view an entire domain, select the name of the environment you wish to view from the Global View table. To view a split, select the name of the environment you wish to view from the Filtered View table. The view can then be quickly changed by selecting the drop-down at the top of any environment.

Are you looking to delegate your student alerts to another team? Do you wish you could see all OUs then flip a switch to see a specific OU? We can help you improve your workflow in Cloud Monitor by breaking your view out by OUs. This will allow you to quickly toggle between them or see a Global View of your entire domain!

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