Product Update | NEW! Drive File Permissions & Easy Risk Management

We have two great new features to share! As always, we’re listening to our ever-growing K-12 customer base and doing what we can to implement their ideas and feedback as quickly and as best we can. You can also watch this video on YouTube to get a demo of what these new features look like in the platform and learn more details about them.

Manage Drive file share permissions

In the Drive Files tab, you can now easily manage share permissions. Simply click on the new share icon and a box will pop-up with share options. You can change owners, add someone as a view or editor, and/or change a specific user’s current permissions.

Being able to transfer ownership of files in bulk is a use case that many of our customers have asked for. This makes it easy for admins to manage file ownership if someone is leaving the district or moving into a different role.

There are limitations. If a file is shared with your users from outside of your domain with view-only permissions, you will be limited.

One use case for this update that customers asked for is if you have someone leaving the district, for example, you can easily change ownership.

Clear all active risks

Any risk scans that have active risks and you want to clear them out, or “ignore” them. You can clear all those risks out of the platform in bulk with just a couple of clicks. This will make it super easy to clear out noisy risks so you can do some fine-tuning to make them more relevant.

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