Product Update | Survive Google Storagocalypse With Our Google Storage Manager

ManagedMethods releases NEW capabilities for monitoring and managing your district’s Google storage capacity

At this point, we’re all well aware that unlimited storage in Google for Education is soon going away. While Google claims that this change will only affect about 1% of its education customers, we’ve heard from a lot of district admins out there who are now adding a storage clean-up to the end-of-year/summer project plans.

Google Storage Management and Data Security

Storage limits aside, it’s good data governance to audit and clean-out files and emails that are no longer needed. This is particularly true if you are using Google Vault and/or a third-party backup solution that stores older information for you.

There are countless examples of old, yet still sensitive, data being improperly exposed outside of district domains. This often occurs as an accident, where a staff member accidentally attaches the wrong file to an email or simply doesn’t understand the risks of sharing files via global link sharing. There are also many, many incidents where files containing student records from decades ago were part of a data breach or ransomware attack.

So, whether you’re getting freakishly close to your looming storage limit or your Google Drives and Gmails are just due for a good spring/summer cleaning, now is a great time to roll up your sleeves for a good purge. It’ll probably make you feel quite a bit better, too.

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Google Storage User Accounts 500pxManagedMethods’ NEW Google Storage Auditing

ManagedMethods admins can now see storage use by individual user accounts, sort the list from highest to lowest, and quickly drill down into where the storage is being used. These are categorized into:

  • Gmail
  • Drive
  • Photos
  • Other

Managing Google Storage in ManagedMethods

ManagedMethods’ popular Live Files Search and Live Email Search tools provide admins a lot of control over managing what files and emails are being stored in your Google domain.

Using Live Files Search, you can find files based on individual user accounts, when they were last modified, file type, and more.

Using Live Email Search, you can also find emails based on the mailbox they’re located in, the size of the email, the data range it was received, and more.

Finding the files and/or emails that you’re looking to remove, you can quickly delete them in bulk to free up space. It’s important to note here that deleting these files and/or emails in ManagedMethods will only remove them from your Google Workspace domain. It will not remove them from your Google Vault or any third-party backup solution you may be using.

Automating Google Storage Alerts

One of the most popular policies among our customers is our Movies and Videos policy. Many admins we work with have found that students, teachers, and staff are storing personal movies, videos, and images in district Drives and Shared Drives.

While some of them may be legitimately being used for a lesson or a project, many more are for personal use and should not be stored in your district’s Google domain (particularly now that your storage is limited).

Using the Movies and Videos policy allows you to quickly set up notifications that will alert you when someone uploads a movie or video file type that is above a certain file size threshold. Policies are also highly customizable, allowing you to adjust for different file types, sizes, locations, and other parameters.

That wraps up the summary of how ManagedMethods can help you manage the looming Google Storagocalypse, along with the many cybersecurity and student safety capabilities that have made ManagedMethods one of K-12 tech admins’ favorite platforms!

If you’re not a ManagedMethods customer…YET…then you can enjoy these Google storage management tools, and much more, 100% free for 30 days when you sign up for your free trial. Set up takes just minutes, and we’ll run a free risk audit for you as well.

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