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K-12 Tech Survival Guide: How To Develop & Improve Your District’s Incident Response Plan

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K-12 Tech’s Security and Investigation Survival Guide

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K-12 Cybersecurity for the Future of Learning: How to Protect District Data from Modern Threats

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Back-to-School Safely: How Technology Fits into Your Student Mental Health and Safety Programs

Creating Safe Learning Spaces With Google for Education

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K-12 Cybersecurity, Safety & Compliance in Google Workspace & Microsoft 365

How To Protect Student Data Privacy & Security in Education Technology

Beyond The Content Filter: How To Identify & Close Your District’s Cybersecurity & Safety Gaps In 2022

How Technology Teams Impact Student Safety—Online And In The Classroom

The State of 2021 K-12 Cybersecurity, Safety, & Privacy

How To Achieve SOPPA Compliance With Reasonable Security Practices

(Sponsored) Enhancing Your K-12 Cybersecurity Risk Management Program: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

How Cloud Monitoring Protects Students and Data in Google Workspace & Microsoft 365

Detecting Self-Harm & Toxic Behavior Signals in Google & Microsoft 365 Apps

Cybersecurity & Safety Resolutions for 2021 & Beyond

How to Apply the NIST Cybersecurity Framework in K-12

Back to School in the Year of COVID-19: Trends & Lessons Learned

Google Classroom & Beyond: Attendance Reports, Cybersecurity, and Student Safety Monitoring in Hybrid Learning

The State of K-12 Cybersecurity & Student Data Privacy Trends Lessons Learned and Planning for the 2020/21 School Year

Google Meet & Chat Monitoring

Beyond the Content Filter: Cyber Safety, Security & Compliance for K-12 School Districts

Cyber Safety & Security Advice from Neal Richardson, Director of IT at Hillsboro-Deering School District

Hillsboro-Deering School District adheres to state data security regulations based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Learn how Neal Richardson secures his district's sensitive personally identifiable and financial data, while also monitoring for student safety signals.


“When I first learned about ManagedMethods I was skeptical that such an inexpensive solution would be able to secure our Google Workspace data better than Cloudlock. However, after our first week using the solution, I was more than convinced. ManagedMethods has been one of the best technology decisions I’ve made this year.”

Ed Newman

“The addition of ManagedMethods to our IT infrastructure allows me and my team to feel confident about protecting our students and staff when using Google Workspace. The dashboard and alerts provide me real-time info so that I can take immediate action to thwart any threats.”

Steve Bartlett

“ManagedMethods’ solution provided us a level of visibility we needed to ensure the security and safety of our students and staff. The solution was quick to deploy and gave us immediate insights.”

Tim Miles

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