Google Scopes

This Page describes the Google Scopes we use and how they are used in the Service. –
1. To list the files in a drive. (files.list)
2. To get the metadata of a file. (files.get)
3. To move the file from one folder to another (files.patch)
4. To trash a file. (files.trash)
5. To export a primitive file (files.export)
6. To list changes in a drive (changes.list)
7. To watch changes in a drive (
8. To get start page token for a drive (changes.getStartPageToken)
9. To stop realtime channels (channels.stop)
10. To list the permissions of a file (permissions.list)
11. To add permission to a file (permissions.insert)
12. To delete permissions from a file (permissions.delete)
13. To download a file with downloadUrl
14. To list teamdrives. (teamdrives.list)
15. To list files of a teamdrive.
16. To get permissions of a teamdrive file. –
1. To set up a push notification watch (
2. To stop a push notification (users.stop)
3. To list the history of all changes of a mailbox (users.history.list)
4. To list the messages in a mailbox (users.messages.list)
5. To get the message from message-id for a mailbox (users.messages.get)
6. To modify the labels of a message (users.messages.modify)
7. To permanently delete a message (users.messages.delete)
8. To permanently delete messages in batch (users.messages.batchDelete)
9. To get attachments in a message (users.messages.attachments.get) –
1. To get the activity for drive, logins, tokens. –
1. To get the customer usage report.
1. To list the users in a G Suite domain (users.list)
2. To suspend/unsuspend a user (users.update)
1. To list groups in a G Suite domain (groups.list)
2. To list members of a group (members.list)
1. To list the tokens , specified user has issued to third party application. To get the info about the third party apps being used by an user. (tokens.list)
1. To list the organizational units for a G Suite account. (orgunits.list)
1. To list the domains for a G Suite account. (domains.list)

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