Free EdTech Vendor Security & Compliance Evaluation Checklist

Document 3rd Party Apps & EdTech Security Compliance Evaluations

Improve your district's cybersecurity & student data privacy stance with proactive, documented evaluations

There are thousands of 3rd party apps and edtech solutions available for school districts. Many of these apps improve learning, innovation, and student outcomes. Many also improve faculty and staff productivity.

However, student data privacy and application security are growing concerns for students, parents, and school staff.

FERPA and COPPA, along with many state laws, require your district to protect students' data privacy from unauthorized use.

This checklist will help you evaluate 3rd party apps and other types of edtech vendors that your teachers and/or students are requesting. The checklist provides standards that you should consider in your evaluation, as well as space for you to outline your own requirements.

Download today to help your district improve student data privacy and security in edtech!

Recommended evaluation categories include:

Free EdTech Security & Compliance Checklist - Click To Download

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