Cloud-Native Cyber Safety & Security for K-12 Schools Data Sheet

Harness the Power of Cloud-Native APIs to Secure Google G Suite & Microsoft 365

No Proxies, Agents, Gateways, or Extensions

ManagedMethods monitors and secures the data that students, teachers, and administrators share, access, and store in Google and Microsoft 365. The platform automates monitoring and remediation for cybersecurity risks such as malware and phishing threats, data loss prevention, account takeover detection, and risky 3rd party SaaS apps.

The platform also monitors for student safety signals using artificial intelligence and directs notifications to the proper campus resource using customizable roles-based alerts. The platform can detect risk signals such as self-harm, cyberbullying, discrimination, abuse, threats of violence, and explicit content in school district G Suite and Microsoft 365 environments. It does all of this using APIs, so your students' data never leaves your G Suite or Microsoft 365 domain. ManagedMethods does not store or access your staff and student data except when authorized by you in the context of a support ticket. All support access is logged and tracked, and ourĀ entire ManagedMethods support team is background checked.

ManagedMethods supports cloud-native cyber safety and security monitoring in Google Apps including Gmail, Google Drive, Team Drives, Google Meet, and Google Chat. It also monitors and secures Microsoft 365 apps including Outlook 365, Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

Download the data sheet and learn more about how ManagedMethods uses APIs to make cloud security easy for K-12 school districts

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