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You don't have the time to manually investigate risks and incidents in your district's cloud apps.


ManagedMethods is an easy-to-use, cost-effective platform that is developed specifically for K-12 school districts.


Learn why hundreds of district technology leaders love working with ManagedMethods to help keep their students safe, their data private, and their district secure.

Your entire Google Workspace and/or Microsoft 365 environment is scanned and secured within minutes of activation.

What to expect:
  • We'll take time to learn about you and your school district. We'll talk about the cloud applications you're currently using, your content filter, firewall, etc.
  • You will learn why it's important to protect your cloud applications, such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, from data loss, account takeovers, phishing and malware, and other risks
  • You will get a customized tour of the ManagedMethods product based specifically on your needs (though, we may sneak in an additional feature or two that we think you might find interesting)
  • We will provide insights into how other K-12 IT teams are layering their tech stack for better cloud security and student safety monitoring
  • Finally, you will have to option to start a 30-day free trial of ManagedMethods. No credit card or obligations required!

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Powerful Cloud Security & Student Safety Monitoring For K-12 School Districts

Data Security

Data loss prevention for sensitive student, staff, & district data stored in Google Workspace & Microsoft 365

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Threat Protection

Stop phishing & malware attacks in Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 email, files & drives

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Account Monitor

Automated security & behavior monitoring & remediation 24/7/365 with simple reporting

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Safety Signals

Detect self-harm, cyberbullying, abuse, discrimination & explicit content signals

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Our Customers

“When I first learned about ManagedMethods I was skeptical that such an inexpensive solution would be able to secure our Google Workspace data better than Cloudlock. However, after our first week using the solution, I was more than convinced. ManagedMethods has been one of the best technology decisions I’ve made this year.”

“My ‘Aha!’ moment happened just a few days into becoming a ManagedMethods customer. The platform’s inappropriate content monitor alerted me to a Google Doc that a dozen students were using to chat in. They were being quite clever by typing in white text and constantly changing the file name. Needless to say, the language was very inappropriate. I never would have been able to hunt this down without ManagedMethods.”

“Honestly, ManagedMethods is a solution that we didn’t realize we needed until we saw it in action. We assumed that the tools in Microsoft were all we had—and all we needed. It was wonderful to see a solution that could come in, take that same data, and make it better and easier to work with.”

Ed Newman

Diana Gill

Greg Hogan

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