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Existing SOAP and JMS  based web services are in place, but need to be exposed to new customers, partners and internal users. They must be virtualized so multiple services can be accessed via a simple REST API, and multiple REST interfaces need to be combined to externally expose only desired functions. Updating each application with a REST API is costly and time consuming. A better solution is to create a new Virtual API to mediate between the existing Web Services and external users.

Managed Methods API Gateway Methods software translates incoming API requests to SOAP, JMS, SQL and RESTful services, provides access control, and routes to the appropriate Web Service. API Gateway Methods makes it easy to expose selected services to new communities of users by adding security, monitoring and control of the interface, without making changes to the original services.

Mediating between SOAP and REST

API Gateway Methods allows you to define API end points as a virtual API, then map them to an existing SOAP or REST service.  Requests and responses are translated by the gateway and routed to the desired service. This gives complete control over what features are accessible to specific audiences, and allows API changes without impacting existing services.

Combine REST interfaces into a Virtual API

When internal APIs exist across multiple systems and there is a need to selectively expose functionality to external users, an API Gateway is the best mechanism to create a Virtual API with explicit control over access to individual services.  Publishing a Virtual API that combines methods from RESTful, SOAP, JMS,  or SQL services, gives the enterprise architect a way to open new services without allowing external users inside the enterprise network.

Secure Front End for Older Services

When partners and customers need direct access to internal data, access can be provided without giving up security and control.  Encryption and authentication are added at the gateway for requests coming from the outside.  Policy controls based on LDAP or custom rules control which users have access to which services.  And archiving can be enabled to keep a record of data exchanged with outside parties.

API Gateway Methods makes it easy to expose existing services to new communities of users.

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