3 Steps To Secure Cloud Storage

Secure Cloud Storage That Will Keep Your Data (And Your Business) Safe

If you’re storing files in any cloud application, you need secure cloud storage. In the world of cloud computing security, your perimeter-based security hardware (i.e. firewall) is basically dead, and cloud computing killed it. The cloud is “outside” perimeter, which is what makes it so easy and convenient to use. But it also presents some unique data security challenges that cannot be mitigated with traditional, perimeter-based security.

App creators are responsible for securing their product infrastructure, but you are still responsible for securing your accounts and the data stored in them. Infosec teams are increasingly building more zero trust security architectures to do this. The three main ways to secure cloud storage is through data loss prevention, threat prevention, and account monitoring.

Secure Cloud Storage1. Data Loss Prevention in the Cloud

There are many ways to incorporate data loss prevention tools into your secure cloud storage infrastructure. Data loss prevention tools are a crucial component when it comes to the cloud because they work to ensure that your sensitive information doesn’t get out of the internal data environment. They can help prevent data breaches and data loss, as well as check for incoming/outgoing traffic. This will ensure your data stays in the system and is safe from both accidental and malicious data loss issues.

2. Malware and Phishing Threat Protection

Criminals and hackers use malware and phishing schemes to attack and infect your cloud environment. These types of threats are commonly found via email, which is why organizations have invested so much money into email security. Cloud malware threat protection tools will help keep your data, stored in cloud apps, safe from known and unknown malware threats and phishing schemes. It will also protect all of your applications, files, and drives from attacks.

3. Cloud App Account Monitoring

If you use a cloud based platform, then you need an account monitoring tool to constantly scan for account takeovers and/or non-compliant behavior from internal employees, who can use access to sensitive information and accounts for a number of reasons. Once you have an account monitoring system in place, it will regularly scan for any fraudulent activity. The tool can identify when there is abnormal behavior, such as a login from another country or a significant number of file uploads/downloads. A good account monitoring tool will automatically revoke access to the user account, quarantine any malware or phishing threats, and let the system admin know about the incident.

Find Your Secure Cloud Storage Solution

Google, Microsoft, and other SaaS platforms recognize that companies may need more cloud security solutions than what they provide natively. That’s why they partner with companies like ManagedMethods to help their customers add another layer of protection to their cloud app accounts. If you’re investigating cloud security solutions for your organization, download our handy Cloud Security Buyer’s Guide Checklist.

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