How to create the safest cybersecurity and student safety tech stack for your district

In today’s digital age, ensuring the safety and security of students and staff in K-12 school districts is at the top of every district IT team member’s mind.

Meet Manual Sanchez, a Director of Technology who is on a mission to make Azusa Unified School District’s tech stack the best (and safest) it can be. With only three team members, he needs all the help he can get to ensure the safety of more than 6,700 students and over 1,300 staff members in the classroom.

Recently, Manual joined the latest ManagedMethods webinar, Student Security, Safety & CIPA Compliance in the Browser With Content Filter by ManagedMethods, where he shared his experience with the newest web content filter to hit the K-12 market.

I’ve used other content filtering solutions in the past. They are bulky, hard to set up, and don’t work well. Content Filter by ManagedMethods is straightforward, easy to manage, and gets the job done.
-Manual Sanchez, Director of Technology, Azusa Unified School District

Before purchasing Content Filter, Manual approached ManagedMethods about our Cloud Monitor platform, so that he could gain visibility and insights into Azusa’s Google and Microsoft 365 environments. He wanted a single dashboard to see what people could access, how they use it, and to take action if needed. After requesting a free trial, Manual was so impressed that he asked for a quote within 10 minutes.

Given Manual’s positive experience with Cloud Monitor, he was eager to explore our new CIPA Content Filter. After activating his free proof-of-concept and experiencing how easily he can control the types of online media the students at Azusa Unified can access, he hasn’t looked back!

To remain CIPA compliant, every district needs a content filtering solution to prevent students from accessing anything harmful online in the classroom or at home. Content Filter by ManagedMethods is easy to set up and works very well.
-Manual Sanchez, Director of Technology, Azusa Unified School District

Content Filter offers built-in support for over 30 website categories, including over 300,000 websites, and incorporates ManagedMethods’ renowned student safety AI model, proactively identifying potential risks such as self-harm, suicide, sexually explicit content, and cyberbullying.

What’s even more exciting is that Content Filter does not affect student device performance, provides CIPA compliance, and has an easy setup process in comparison to other filters on the market. By running seamlessly in the background, Manual’s team at Asuza Unifed can trust that students can focus on their studies without interruption.

Don’t you wish you could be like Manual Sanchez and have peace of mind when it comes to keeping your district’s students’ safety? Schedule a 30-day free proof-of-concept to learn more about how Content Filter can help you protect your school district.

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