Cloud Email: the obvious next step in cloud security

Email is almost too easy. We barely give it a second thought before hitting send or clicking open. According to a 2014 study published by the Radicati Group, people check their email an average of 74 times a day to receive about 88 emails and send about 34 emails, and that was 3 years ago! If we spent a lot of time thinking about every single email we receive and send, we’d spend our entire workday in our inboxes. Clearly, that’s not practical, but our rush to get through emails is also what makes it so easy to make mistakes. We’ve all hit send only to realize a few seconds later that you’ve sent the incorrect information or sent to the wrong person, and sometimes, these simple mistakes can undermine an organization’s policies, put everyone at risk, and create regulatory headaches.

At ManagedMethods, we asked ourselves a question: “Why not use our CASB’s native integrations into cloud apps like Google G Suite and Office 365 to keep the activity in cloud email apps above board also?” The result? Our cloud-native CASB solution that prevents the worst mistakes organizations make in cloud apps, Cloud Access Monitor, works with your cloud email too, a first in the industry.

Just like The Breakfast Club?

When people hear the phrase “Policy Enforcement” their eyes tend to gloss over. You can probably imagine the IT Department’s workshop that dragged on too long explaining all of the digital rules of our jobs – it’s pretty similar to the scene in The Breakfast Club where they’ve all dozed off. Fully grown adults who are supposed to be professionals throw that digital policies packet into the recycling bin as soon as they get back to their desk. Then they send an email full of expletives about what a waste of time it was, documenting something most people would never utter out loud, and despite explicit policies and procedures, many people don’t give these emails a second thought.

Scanning emails in the cloud to enforce policies and procedures gives organizations a buffer against potential PR nightmares and compliance violations. Cloud Access Monitor proactively scans emails, and if they don’t follow policy, alert administrators to the violation, and even retract emails retroactively within an organization. You can also see which users are responsible so you have the ability to prevent future policy breaches. 

Attachments: The Trojan Horse of Email

Cybercrime is a highly profitable business which is why onslaughts of new attacks seem to be increasing every year, but attacks aren’t evenly distributed. Hackers target organizations that can provide the most personally identifiable information (PII) with the least security. Email attachments are still the most common channel for malware delivery, and the non-profit and education sectors receive more than 2 times as many malware-infected emails as the private sector.

To prevent malware from proliferating within cloud email inboxes, Cloud Access Monitor has built-in Zero-Day Protection and DLP through an integration with Check Point’s SandBlast™. Suspicious emails are quickly quarantined and inspected for malware and sensitive data, running in a virtual sandbox to discover malicious behavior before it enters the corporate network. The Threat Emulation engine and Check Point DLP provide multi-layered defense against known and unknown threats to prevent data leaks. Check out this infographic to see our scanning process.

This Will Go Down on Your Permanent Record

Since email is the most widely used technology for business communications, it is often the only record kept for events that happen in the real world, and they are highly regulated as a result. Emails are semi-permanent records that the courts can reference as a legal document. Even a seemingly innocuous email thread can make or break a court case, so keeping email communications above board and easy to find is extremely important.

Cloud email compliance is easier than ever with Cloud Access Monitor. Organizations can configure email scanning for full visibility and management in less than 10 minutes. Then admins can see who’s sending what, and remove emails from their organization’s inboxes immediately. Outbound DLP violations are flagged and IT alerted. And, malicious emails will be quarantined in either direction to prevent data loss.

Making mistakes in email is easy, but now, preventing them is easy too. If you’d like to worry less about data loss, malware and compliance in your cloud email solution, Cloud Access Monitor will protect your organization so that everyone can use cloud email apps like Gmail and Office 365 without giving it a second thought.

See how Cloud Access Monitor protects your company from malware, phishing schemes and more. Cloud Access Monitor deploys in minutes, so you’ll quickly see your cloud app and email activity. Request your free trial today.

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