District Administration | Why IT leaders must keep a close watch on ed-tech app activity

by Charlie Sander, for District Administration

Top concerns for remote learning: Cybersecurity and student privacy

District staff and IT leaders have been turning to videoconferencing and cloud collaboration platforms to keep learning streamlined remotely. Many ed-tech vendors are also offering their products and other resources for free to help support school districts.

But what this rapid transition to remote learning is showing is that the K-12 education industry was not ready—from a technology, cybersecurity and student privacy perspective.

With remote learning underway, now is the time for IT teams to shift their focus to the cybersecurity and data privacy needs that may have fallen through the cracks during the initial chaos. District IT staff is adjusting to this new “normal” and focusing more on the applications, and the data stored inside them, rather than solely on outdated network security and content filtering.


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