EdTech Digest | During Remote, Promote!

by Victor Rivero, EdTech Digest

With edtech no longer optional, educators and parents need to know: who’s there for them?

With an extraordinary shift to online learning in recent months—innovators, leaders and trendsetters across education technology have stepped up and continue to do so. Empathetic educators, persistent parents, and laudable leaders—we salute all those on the front lines of help, and particularly those in our field. Even through formidable challenges brought about by world events, these tireless souls of edtech continue to push learning forward.

While hundreds of thousands of educators, and millions of students worldwide use some form of technology to enhance, improve, and transform their everyday work, many more still reach for access. In a time of increased remote or partially blended learning, innovative minds across K-12, Higher Education, skills & workforce learning, and more than 15,000 edtech-oriented companies—work diligently behind the scenes to develop and extend their solutions for students; they know well that the lives of learners everywhere hang in the balance.


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