Product Update: Hybrid Learning Attendance with Google Meet

ManagedMethods can now help make taking attendance easy for districts using Google Meet

Many district IT leaders we’ve talked with over the past month or so have expressed a specific challenge they’re facing for the coming school year: taking attendance. Over 60% of school districts are planning for some level of hybrid learning in the fall due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But many will have to report on student attendance for state and local funding and compliance purposes, whether their students are in class or logging in remotely.

We announced the first generation of ManagedMethods’ new Google Meet and Chat monitoring capabilities in May. Since then, we’ve continued to work with a few of our K-12 Google Admin customers to improve these capabilities.

The latest updates include the ability to easily report on student attendance, among other things, for schools using Google Meet to conduct classes remotely.

hybrid learning attendance google meet auditor managedmethodsTaking Attendance with Google Meet Auditor

ManagedMethods has rolled out an updated Google Meet Auditor that allows admins to quickly audit all Google Meets that have taken place within the day, two days, three days, week, month, three months, and six months. They can then filter the report by Organizational Unit (OU) to find all Meets within that time period that have student participants.

ManagedMethods’ Google Meet Auditor shows when each student logged into the Google Meet by date and time. It will also show the duration of time they were logged into the Meet.

Having access to this data is a powerful tool for school districts using Google Meet for education to enable remote and hybrid learning in the coming school year. Using it, administrators can better understand which students are attending classes and which ones are not. Identifying those that are not attending class, they can drill down further to see how long it has been since the student participated in a Meet, as well as their account access and behavior in other G Suite apps such as Chat, Docs, and Gmail.

Analyzing this information can help administrators proactively identify those students who are at risk of falling behind, whether it is due to connectivity problems or other issues.

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Google Meet Auditor Cyber Safety & Security Capabilities

ManagedMethods’ new Google Meet Auditor tool provides district IT teams with several additional cyber safety and security capabilities beyond taking attendance.

For example, they will be able to identify Google Meets that were organized by students, and see specifically which student was the organizer. They can also find out if screen sharing and/or video were used during the Meet, all other participants in the Meet, and if any participants logged in from outside domains.

ManagedMethods Google Meet Auditor also shows administrators the total number of Meetings, external users that have participated in Meets, video shares, screen shares, and participants joining from outside the U.S. in their domain for the selected time period.

Google Meet reports can be filtered by a specific Meet organizer’s email address, participant’s name, Meetings with at least one participant who is in a specified OU, and by Meetings where all internal domain participants are in the specified OU.

Raw Meet data can also be exported out of ManagedMethods in a .csv format and further analyzed and/or pivoted for a variety of use cases and district needs.

ManagedMethods is committed to making G Suite for Education safety, security, and compliance easy for K-12 IT teams. We work hard to develop capabilities that are relevant and necessary for K-12 IT teams working with limited resources to secure and manage their G Suite for Education environment. ManagedMethods is also an excellent solution for G Suite and Microsoft 365 hybrid environments by creating a single platform from which to manage cyber safety and security monitoring and automation for both cloud environments.

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