Product Update | New Risks Tab UI & Features

ManagedMethods Announces NEW Cybersecurity & Student Safety Platform Risks Tab Features

We’re excited to share that we’ve rolled out significant updates to the ManagedMethods platform’s Risks Tab. Updates include both a new user interface (UI) and new features that many of our customers have been asking for.

Risks Tab New UI

The new UI further streamlines your ability to quickly identify and remediate risks in your district’s cloud apps. Admins still see Total Active Risks, Accounts with Most Risks, and Enabled Risks across the top of the tab. There is also still the ability to dive down into each with a click and filter risks lists using a variety of filters and take individual or bulk actions on them.

New UI provides a gear icon in the Enabled Risks section to quickly see what risks you have enabled as well as what risks are available that are not enabled. You can click a checkbox to easily enable a new available risk.

Perhaps the biggest UI improvement is in the risk details. When you click on a risk, a dialogue box pops up with all the details you need to investigate the risk further. You can also take action on the risk and skip to the next or previous risk directly from the dialogue box.

Risks Tab New Features

The ability to quickly identify and take action on a variety of risks is one of the main things that our customers love about ManagedMethods. Our product team listened to tons of feedback from customers on how we can improve their workflow, and then got to work developing these excellent new features.

1. Manage Filters: Admins can now create, save, and edit their own “Quick Filters” based on a variety of criteria. This customized Quick Filter can be used in the future to quickly generate a list of specific risks that you are most concerned about.

2. Remind Later Risk Action: Existing risk actions are still available. They include Ignore Risk, Quarantine, Restore, Delete, and Share Via Email. We’ve added 2 NEW risk actions to the menu. The Remind Later risk action allows you to set up a date, time, and email address to send a reminder about the risk at a later time. Reminder settings can be saved and used again for subsequent risks.

3. Label Risk Action: The second new risk action is Label. This allows you to apply a tag to a risk or multiple risks in bulk. There are 3 risk labels that come out-of-the-box: Normal, Major, and Critical. Admins can also create their own custom labels for anything they may find useful and relevant to their workflow. Labels can also be added to risks automatically using provided filter parameters.

Those are the highlights! If you are a current ManagedMethods customer and have any questions or feedback about our new Risks Tab, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team.

If you’re not already a customer and ready to start experiencing cloud security and safety visibility and control like you’ve never experienced before, sign up for a 30-day free trial today!

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