Product Update | NEW! CIPA Content Filter by ManagedMethods

Content Filter provides districts with easy, affordable CIPA compliance for E-Rate

You asked and we listened! Content Filter is a cloud-based web content filter that empowers districts to easily control the types of online media students can access while logged into their school-provided Google Chrome account. Using cutting-edge AI, the platform operates directly on the browser, ensuring online safety monitoring without slowing down the user experience.

It offers built-in support for over 30 website categories, including over 300,000 websites, and incorporates ManagedMethods’ renowned student safety AI model, proactively identifying potential risks such as self-harm, suicide, sexually explicit content, and cyberbullying.

Additionally, Content Filter offers assistance in cases of lost or stolen devices. Administrators can easily track a device’s last known location, view user accounts that have logged into the device, monitor the installed version of Chrome, and flag the device as lost or stolen, effectively preventing unauthorized usage.

Content Filter is designed with a scalability-first principle and does not negatively affect student device performance. The platform uses browser-level URL blocking and artificial intelligence to provide internet student safety, security, and CIPA compliance for K-12 schools.

With Content Filter’s browser-level AI, no content ever leaves the user’s browser. All AI safety signals and data loss prevention evaluation happens within the browser. This innovation in AI deployment means that using Content Filter will not slow down your end users’ browsing experience.

Content Filter integrates seamlessly with your Google Admin console. Installation takes about 2 minutes, and makes implementation across your entire domain relatively easy, plus you get automatic enrollment and updates.

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