Product Update | NEW! Content Filter YouTube Controls, Alerts & More

ManagedMethods’ Newest Product, Content Filter, Receives Exciting Updates

You asked and we listened! After collecting valuable feedback from K-12 technology teams, our product team got to work focusing on the most critical and requested features for our Content Filter platform. You can check out the full platform demo video here (no forms!). Here are a few highlights:

  1. Notifications: You can now set up and schedule notifications for different policy violations set up in Content Filter. These notifications can be scheduled to only send on specific days and during certain times of the day. Additionally, notifications can be routed to a specific building principle, student services, etc. user that needs to take action on specific risks as needed. There are also options to mute notifications for certain websites, etc. as needed, so your team isn’t getting overwhelmed by notifications. Notifications can be set up based on website/URL access, key terms, and regex patterns. And our customer success team is happy to help you configure your policies and notifications!
  2. YouTube Controls: Block or allow YouTube videos by keyword/tags, channels, and specific videos. End users will see a notification that the video or channel has been blocked by their IT department. These controls aren’t just in YouTube itself. Content Filter will also block filtered videos that have been linked to or embedded in a Google Doc, Slide, or Form, for example. Content Filter also provides the ability to block sidebar videos, live chat, and comments sections in YouTube with a couple of clicks of the button.
  3. Reporting: Pull reports on policy violations based on different timeframes, specific users or Organizational Units, and policy type (such as blocklist, YouTube, or risk such as self harm, toxicity, SSN, etc.). You can even pull the report on a specific URL or keyword/input if needed. Reports can be downloaded as a .csv or a PDF. They can be pulled one-off or scheduled to receive a report on a regular basis. Scheduling a report can be customized to send on a certain day and time that works best for you.

ManagedMethods’ cloud-based web content filter empowers districts to easily control the types of online media students can access at a very affordable price. It offers built-in support for over 30 website categories, including over 300,000 websites, and incorporates ManagedMethods’ renowned student safety AI model, proactively identifying potential risks such as self-harm, suicide, sexually explicit content, and cyberbullying.

Content Filter is designed with a scalability-first principle and does not negatively affect student device performance. The platform uses browser-level URL blocking and artificial intelligence to provide internet student safety, security, and CIPA compliance for K-12 schools.

With Content Filter’s browser-level AI, no content ever leaves the user’s browser. All AI safety signals and data loss prevention evaluation happens within the browser. This innovation in AI deployment means that using Content Filter will not slow down your end users’ browsing experience.

Content Filter integrates seamlessly with your Google Admin console. Installation takes about 2 minutes, and makes implementation across your entire domain relatively easy, plus you get automatic enrollment and updates! Check out our newest platform demo video on-demand (no forms!) to find out more about Content Filter and schedule your personalized demo.

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