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Cloud computing is ubiquitous in today’s businesses.

Business leaders mistakenly believe that existing firewalls and gateways can protect sensitive company data stored and shared in popular cloud applications.

In reality, IT security teams struggle to maintain visibility and control over corporate data in the cloud.

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ManagedMethods provides security, visibility, and control over activity in cloud applications such as Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365.

With ManagedMethods, businesses gain data security from internal and external breaches, threat protection from malware and phishing schemes, and full control over account behavior. ManagedMethods installs in minutes, is easy to use, affordable, and requires no special training. Best of all, it has no impact on network speed or end users.

Data Security

Prevent data loss and secure information stored in cloud applications

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Threat Protection

Protect email and file sharing from phishing and malware threats

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Account Monitor

Prevent, detect, and remediate a cloud app account takeover

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Case Study: Kroenke Sports & Entertainment

“With KSE’s staff accessing our cloud apps from various locations and businesses, there was no way for me to feel confident about the security of our cloud data. Deploying ManagedMethods has both defended our company against data loss and attack and given me peace of mind.”

Bryan Becker, Director of Network Security

Kroenke Sports & Entertainment

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Cloud Security Resources for Business

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