Back-to-School Safely Technology Guide for K-12 Tech Teams & Student Resources

6 Types of Safety Signals Found In School Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 Apps

Create A Safe Learning Environment By Monitoring Your District's Cloud Apps For These Safety Risks

Back-to-School is an exciting time of the year for everyone in your district. But, it can also be stressful for a variety of reasons.

As students re-adjust to the structures of school schedules and the stresses of social interactions, passions and conflict can boil over.

Mental health is an essential issue in our communities today. The impacts of the long pandemic and a variety of challenges in society are weighing on our children in numerous ways. We all need to do our part to help them cope with these pressures and their environment mentally, psychologically, and emotionally.

This guide is an attempt to help district leaders understand how they can use technology to detect potential student safety signals that can come up in school Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 apps. The six types of signals and examples discussed in this guide are based on stories we’ve heard from our customers over the years.

Plus, gain access to a downloadable spreadsheet with keywords/phrases for each category that you can use to help set up your cloud monitoring technology!

This guide discusses the following safety risks:

  • 1. Bullying & Discrimination
  • 2. Self-Harm & Suicide
  • 3. Threats & Acts of Violence
  • 4. Substance Abuse
  • 5. Sexual Content
  • 6. Abusive Relationships


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