Summer Break Cybersecurity Checklist

Summer Break Cybersecurity Checklist

Why is summer break a vulnerable time of the year?

For most in K-12, summer break is a much-deserved chance to rest and recharge for the upcoming year. But there’s little rest for the weary in K-12 tech. Not only do you have summer school to support and planned summer projects to complete, but it’s also when your district is most vulnerable to cyberattacks, breaches, and other incidents.

Unfortunately, hackers don’t go on vacation. And, while most students and staff members are busy soaking up the sun, they exploit this period of reduced vigilance to infiltrate school networks. They’ll use this time to sneak into your systems, reach as far into it as possible, and then lay in wait to strike right as the new school year starts to exert as much impact as possible.

This checklist is designed to help organize the steps you can take to help reduce your district's vulnerability this summer.


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