Automating Cybersecurity & Safety: Top Use Cases for Cloud Monitor

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Automating Cybersecurity & Safety: Top Use Cases for Cloud Monitor

Attention, multitasking tech superheroes of K-12 school districts! Learn how to transform your cybersecurity and safety strategies with cutting-edge automation tools tailored specifically for you.

In this webinar recording, Michael D. Tapia, Chief Technology Officer at Clint Independent School District, and Kobe Brummitt, Cyber Security Technician at Hawkins School District, share how your district can improve it’s cybersecurity and safety processes through better visibility, control, and automation with ManagedMethods—the only solution built specifically for K-12, providing cybersecurity and safety monitoring and automation for Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and online browsing.

You will also learn:

  • Why automating cybersecurity and safety is important
  • Hear real-world stories showcasing successful cybersecurity and safety automation and response
  • See key features and benefits of ManagedMethods’ Cloud Monitor platform
  • Feel compelled to get a free Google Workspace/Microsoft 365 security & safety audit with ManagedMethods
  • And much more!

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