K-12 Cybersecurity & Safety Leadership Series:
Cybersecurity & Safety Resolutions for 2021 & Beyond

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Remote learning has exposed cybersecurity and cyber safety risks in k-12 schools

School districts have faced numerous cybersecurity and student safety issues since the shift toward remote learning. Recent data from The K-12 Cybersecurity Resource Center shows more than 160 publicly reported incidents have occurred since August, negatively impacting schools nationwide.

Although classrooms have moved to the cloud, K-12 IT security has not kept pace with the changing environment to ensure the safety of students, teachers, and staff. In this webinar recording, we discuss this with a panel of K-12 IT leaders to learn more about their challenges this year, how their security strategies have changed, and their goals for 2021 and beyond.

Our panelist guests include: Michael Keough, CTO at Canyon ISD, Joe Phillips, Director of Technology/CIO at Kansas City Public Schools, Tom Call, IT Coordinator at ESC Region 11, and Eden Nelson, Lead System Administrator at Cascade Tech Alliance & Multnomah ESD.

During this expert panel discussion, we discuss:

  • The changing K-12 cybersecurity and safety landscape in schools, and how remote learning has made an impact
  • The increase of SaaS/cloud applications in K-12 schools and what IT teams need to consider when moving to the cloud
  • The biggest cybersecurity, safety, and data privacy risks that K-12 IT teams must be monitoring for in remote learning
  • The New Year's Resolutions K-12 IT teams must make in 2021 to improve their cybersecurity, safety, and data privacy strategies moving forward

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