Cloud Security White Papers

Learn About Your Safety and Security Options in the Cloud

K-12 school districts are making the transition to the cloud using Google for Education and/or Office 365 for Education. These tools provide students with greater learning opportunities, teachers with greater productivity and collaboration, and administrators with powerful tools at a relatively low price.

But many district IT teams are now finding it difficult to keep tabs on how students are using these tools to communicate with each other. And they are struggling with keeping control over the sensitive data stored in cloud apps, even as school districts are increasingly becoming targets for cyber criminals.

Data security and campus safety are both high priorities for administrative staff in K-12 school districts. How they use the tools at their disposal, and the information provided through them, determines if technology will ultimately become a friend or foe.

This eBook is designed to provide an overview of why cyber safety and security are important, what they are, and how they are different. It also covers the three most common categories in K-12 cloud security: cloud application security, content/internet filtering, and campus safety management. Readers will learn the differences between these types of solutions, including where their own security and compliance gaps may be.

  • Understand the importance of cyber safety and security measures in K-12 school districts
  • Discover how different solutions layer to provide the best level of security and safety
  • Explore common use cases for each type of cloud security option
  • Decide which types of cloud security options are best for your school district's needs and budget
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