Cloud Monitor Makes Online Learning Safer, More Secure and Easy for Education

Recently, we hosted Michael Tapia, Chief Technology Director at Clint ISD in Texas, and Kobe Brummet, Cybersecurity Technician at Hawkins School District in Tennessee, for a live webinar.

Michael and Kobe volunteered to share with other K-12 tech pros how important cybersecurity and safety monitoring are for Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and online browsing.

They also shared several use cases of how they specifically use ManagedMethods’ Cloud Monitor platform to help with automation. So far, we’ve highlighted how Cloud Monitor has improved K-12 cybersecurity training and awareness and video Drive file management at Clint ISD. We’ve also covered how Hawkins School District uses automation to thwart phishing and malware emails and identify users using risky VPNs. You can watch the full webinar recording here.

While it’s hard to know exactly how many hackers have targeted K-12 school systems, NPR shares that an analysis by the cybersecurity firm Emsisoft estimates that 45 school districts were attacked in 2022. In 2023, Emsisoft found that number more than doubled to 108. Further, school systems of every size have been or will be hit, from urban districts like Los Angeles to rural districts in Pennsylvania.

Kobe Brummitt, a Cybersecurity Technician at Hawkins School District, is a testament to the power of user-friendly cybersecurity tools. Hired straight out of high school, he began his journey as a Level 1 Technician using Cloud Monitor. Despite his limited experience, Cloud Monitor proved to be a game-changer. Its simplicity and effectiveness not only fueled his passion for cybersecurity but also enabled him to excel in his role.

After graduating from high school, I began my career with Hawkins County as a Level 1 Technician using Cloud Monitor. Whether you’re a beginner or a cybersecurity expert, this platform is easy to learn. It’s simple and highly effective. The platform works amazingly well.
– Kobe Brummitt, Cybersecurity Technician at Hawkins School District

The importance of making cybersecurity tools accessible and user-friendly for K-12 tech teams cannot be overstated. These teams often grapple with resource and budget constraints, as well as diverse skill levels, which can turn cybersecurity tasks and products into barriers.

However, by prioritizing simplicity and ease, Cloud Monitor has the potential to transform these challenges into opportunities. It can empower tech teams to implement and manage cybersecurity automation efficiently, thereby enhancing the safety of their districts against digital threats.

We want to give a special “Thank You” to Michael and Kobe for sharing their time and expertise. Their valuable insights into how other district technology teams can improve cybersecurity and student safety in Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 will no doubt help many other districts secure their data and keep students safe online.

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