Cloud Monitor Scans For Risky Video Files in Google Drive/OneDrive

Recently, we hosted Michael Tapia, Chief Technology Director at Clint ISD in Texas, and Kobe Brummet, Cybersecurity Technician at Hawkins School District in Tennessee, for a live webinar.

Michael and Kobe volunteered to share with other K-12 tech pros how important cybersecurity and safety monitoring are for Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and online browsing.

They also shared several use cases of how they specifically use ManagedMethods’ Cloud Monitor platform to help with automation. So far, we’ve highlighted how Cloud Monitor has improved K-12 cybersecurity training and awareness at Clint ISD and how Hawkins School District uses automation to thwart phishing and malware emails. Please continue to watch out for more use cases in the coming weeks! You can watch the full webinar recording here.

Take Control of Your District’s Risky Video Files in Google Drive/OneDrive With Cloud Monitor by ManagedMethods

It’s true that you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. What’s also true is that kids are smart and always seem to find a way to get around the parameters put in place to keep them safe online. That’s where Cloud Monitor comes in!

“Cloud Monitor is an extremely valuable tool for visibility into Google Drive. I can’t say it enough, ‘You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it.’ I didn’t know a lot of the events that were happening in my district until Cloud Monitor easily brought them to light.”
-Michael Tapia, Chief Technology Director, Clint ISD

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One of the most popular policies amongst our customers is Cloud Monitor’s Movies and Video policy. Many admins, including Michael Tapia, have found students, teachers, and staff storing movies, videos, and images in district Drives and Shared Drives that are either copyrighted or should be for personal use. When Michael found so many movies in Clint ISD’s domain he joked that it was like having Netflix in Google Drive.

While some files are legitimately used for lessons or projects, it’s important to remember that many others are for personal use and should not be stored in your district’s Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 domain.

Michael resolved his district’s make-shift Netflix threat using Cloud Monitor’s Live File Search feature. With a few clicks, he was able to identify video file types that exceeded a certain size threshold, and delete them in bulk. This not only removed any copyright violations from Clint ISD’s Drive, but also ensured good data governance since storage is limited.

“One of the great things about Cloud Monitor is that you can set a filter to look for file types. We set our search threshold at 700 MB and found a tremendous amount of video data. I was blown away! We pretty much had Netflix in Google Drive and kids were sharing links all around. Cloud Monitor gave us a great visibility into our Drives and took care of this problem.
-Michael Tapia, Chief Technology Director, Clint ISD

Cloud Monitor’s policies are highly customizable, allowing Michael to set up notifications to alert his team when someone uploads a movie or video file type above a certain threshold. This automation not only prevents future movie files being stored, but also demonstrates how easy it is to fine-tune Cloud Monitor’s settings.

We want to give a special “Thank You” to Michael and Kobe for sharing their time and expertise. Their valuable insights into how other district technology teams can improve cybersecurity and student safety in Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 will no doubt help many other districts secure their data and keep students safe online.

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